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Partnering with Project 2043 on our antiracism educational initiatives has been invaluable. Julye is brilliant and most importantly, sincerely dedicated to racial equity and social justice. The ARPC remains grateful for her expertise. We look forward to continuing this necessary work together.

Christine Platt, Managing Director

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Julye is a visionary leader with an extensive background in program design, resource development, and antiracist/anti-bias (ABAR) education. We contracted Project 2043 to design an innovative collection of resources to support our (educator) members in having conversations about race and racism with their students. The response has been tremendous — in the first six months, the resources have been downloaded over 13,000 times and reached over 400,000 students. Julye is a joy to work with. Her passion and experience shines in everything she does. Separate from her work on creating the Empowering Educators series, I have also had the pleasure of participating in two workshops led by Julye: “Unconscious Bias” and “Building Resilience with LEGOs.” I often reference takeaways from these two workshops and am grateful to put her teachings into practice.

Anna Anderson, Vice President


We are so grateful (and fortunate!) to have had the opportunity to work with Julye Williams from Project 2043! In September 2020, we reached out to see if she could help us design a teacher training curriculum for a pilot virtual exchange program that focuses on connecting children across racial differences to facilitate conversations about race and take action to address inequities that exist in their communities. From the start of our collaboration, Julye felt like an integral part of our team, providing incredibly thoughtful and timely feedback on what we had so far, and proactively sharing ideas on important topics to cover based on our program goals. We especially appreciated Julye’s experience in the field of education and virtual exchanges, as well as her expertise in the topics of race, diversity, and social-emotional learning. Throughout our collaboration, she consistently offered perspectives from each of these areas in order to ensure the teacher training was comprehensive, relevant, feasible, and meaningful for educators. She also provided feedback on multiple components of the program (e.g. program activities), offered actionable recommendations, curated resources to support our goals, and collaborated with other partners to ensure that all pieces of the program tied together. In the end, we were proud to have created a robust teacher training curriculum, including a webinar, self-guided readings, and conversation guides for educators. Julye actually co-hosted the webinar, and she is a truly engaging facilitator! Along every step, Julye brought such a positive energy to our work, even when we were operating on a tight timeline. All in all, we could not have done this without Julye and only hope there are even more projects for us to collaborate on! 

The Empatico Programs Team

Inclusive: Including everyone. Ensuring that people who have historically been excluded, are included.

There is a lot to learn and many ways to grow as we prepare for an inclusive and equitable society. Let’s journey together.


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