Help your team learn, grow & act with a course or program designed with Project 2043.

Project 2043 specializes in creating innovative, high-interest, actionable content and programs for youth and adults. Whether it is to expand awareness, promote deeper analysis of issues or inspire action, let us help you reach your goals.

Washington, DC, August 19, 2020 –  the Empowering Educators Series was lauched as a partnership between First Book & Pizza Hut. Designed to empower educators to have courageous conversations about race and social justice, this series includes a 50-page Guidebook, 8-part video series and interactive activity that are full of expert-informed guidance, conversation starters, student activities, reflection questions, resources for further learning and more.

Conceived and written by Project 2043 founder, Julye M. Williams, the Empowering Educators Series is just one of many ways Project 2043 supports organizations that seek to provide resources that promote a more inclusive, equitable and healthy multi-racial democracy.

To download the Guidebook for free, please click the image or visit the First Book Marketplace to see the entire series.


How will you empower your organization or team?

Project 2043 provides the following to support course and program design:

  • Needs assessment of your staff or target audience
  • Develop original content & curriculum
  • Create custom programs & activities that promote awareness of race and social justice
  • Review existing content & curriculum through a racial equity lens
  • Program evaluation and reporting

For a full portfolio and case studies please contact us.

Inclusive: Including everyone. Ensuring that people who have historically been excluded, are included.

There is a lot to learn and many ways to grow as we prepare for an inclusive and equitable society. Let’s journey together.


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